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Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce, LLC is a small batch hot sauce company focused on quality sauces. Our sauces are all hand crafted with years of taste testing before any final product is released.  We layer flavors to give a unique dynamic that can be used in a wide variety of food types.  Mango Habanero on your Hawaiian pizza, to Dime sauce on tacos or in a Bloody Mary... We have you covered! Social media you ask?  Keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see all the latest recipes and locations for Arthur Wayne hot sauce. We love to see just how you use our sauce!  Our mission is not to be the biggest hot sauce company in the world, but to be the best. Big enough to supply any restaurant chain and grocery store, but small enough to make a custom sauce for any occasion! Getting married? Let us make you a sauce..  10 years of making sauces for friends and family in the kitchen to now being able to share our sauces with the world. Our motto and words we live by....

"If it's not hot, it's not right".