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"It's Not So Mellow" Powder
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Dirty Dozen 12 Pepper Blend
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Twisted Chili
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Ingredients: Super hot yellows (Brainstrain, Scotch Bonnet, Fatalii, Primo, BrainX, Moruga Scorpion), Garlic, Onion

Ingredients: Local Cayenne, Bhut Jolokia, Ma Wartryx, Moruga Scorpion, Carolina Reaper, BBM, Fatalii, Jpgs, Smoked Cherry Bomb, Chocolate Bhutlah, BTR, Aji Hans

Ingredients: Pepper Blend (Smoked BBM, Reaper, Brazilian Ghost, Bhut Jolokia, Chocolate Bhutlah, Cayenne, Aji Hans), Garlic, Onion, Black Pepper

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Dried Chiles
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Dried Chile Varieties:

- Ghost Pepper

- Yellow Blend (Scotch Bottet, Moruga, Fatalii, Brainstrain)

- Chocolate Blend (BBM, Scorpion, Bhutlah)

- Red Blend ( BTR, Moruga, Ghost, MA Wartryx)

Delicious spicy pizza shake. Not just limited to pizza but use it in soups, on salads and in chili.

Ingredients: USA grown (Cayenne, Ring of Fire, Scorpion, Ghost, MA Wartryx, Carolina Reaper and Chocolate Bhutlah)

π = Perfect on Pizza
R = Chili flakes
Squared = Yes it’s hot!